Time to rebuild the Twin Rivers Unified School District

There’s really no excuse for the current state of the Twin Rivers Unified School District.

It’s been one scandal after another, starting with the out-of-control district police department that made headlines two years ago, moving through the disaster that has been the tenure of Twin Rivers Unified School District trustee Cortez Quinn, and wrapping up with the recent news that, while students wrapped themselves in coats, blankets and even sleeping bags, the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units necessary to keep their classrooms at the correct temperature for learning were gathering dust in warehouses—and costing money to store.

If it were possible to give school-board trustees and administrators detention, this would be the time.

At press time, Quinn had just returned to the board following a 90-day voluntary suspension. He remains under indictment on several felony and misdemeanor counts, some of which involve financial impropriety. The board has no power to fire him; so far, he has refused to resign. The only option left is for the voters to recall him.

The neighborhood has made remarkable strides in engaging community members to improve the appearance and the reality of life in north Sacramento. Now, we need to make sure that our children and youth are being properly educated in safe buildings. This is not optional. All the work being done to improve this community is for naught if our kids’ needs aren’t being met.