Thurs, May 19, Benny Benassi

District 30, 9 p.m., $40

District 30

1016 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 737-5770

Italian deejay and producer Marco “Benny” Benassi’s signature hit is deathless. If you’ve visited a commercial dance club within the past decade, chances are at some point you’ve heard a robotic voice say, “Push me, and then just hurt me, till I can get my … satisfaction.” Benny Benassi has achieved other things, from producing Chris Brown’s current hit “Beautiful” to winning a Grammy in 2008 for a remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise.” He has a new single with T-Pain called “Electroman,” and he’ll surely play many progressive house sounds to satisfy the District 30 crowd. In the end they’ll want proper “Satisfaction.” 1022 K Street,