Thurs, Dec 10, The Hot Club of Cowtown

24th Street Theatre, 6 p.m., $25

24th Street Theatre

2791 24th St.
Sacramento, CA 95818

(916) 452-3005

When the Hot Club of Cowtown starts playing, it’s hard to figure out if they should be performing in a dimly lit, smoky jazz club, or at a square dance in a barn. Yet to truly capture the essence of the string-playing trio, the venue also would need elements from a cabana club and a ’40s-era swing club. The fiddle, guitar and upright bass blend to compose a sound that is sophisticated, down-home, sultry and energetic. This week, however, the group will play in a theater with the Poplollys and Hard Clumpin’ Litter. But that won’t diminish the effectiveness of their music; the group’s insane enthusiasm creates its own hot spot. 2791 24th Street,