8:30 p.m. Sunday, March 27; with As I Lay Dying, All That Remains and Life in Pictures; $14; all ages. The Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane in Orangevale, (916) 988-9247.

Any band can scream like Cookie Monster into a microphone and pass it off as hardcore, but Throwdown does it with explosive energy that wages an all-out war on the senses. The band’s 2003 release, Haymaker, hits like a bomb on Beaver Cleaverville. Jarrod Alexander (no longer in the band) keeps up the carnage with double bass drums that spit like machine-gun fire. Dave Peters screams savagely over raging guitar, leading his miscreant troops in songs like “Declare Your War” and “Intro (Never Back Down).” The chaos really kicks in on “Forever,” a crazy thrash-metal song inspired by the book Fight Club. Haymaker will blast you out of your chair and have you screaming along, so crank up your speakers, because the revolution’s here. Look for the long-awaited new album, Vendetta, in July.