The Gretchens

Cover Your Ears

Gnarly, dude! The Gretchens’ debut self-released album, Cover Your Ears, rides the waves on some totally tubular surf-rock riffs. This Orange County quartet has a wide variety of sounds on one CD, ranging from Dick Dale-esque guitar on the song “Roaches in My Pants” to rockabilly-meets-hardcore-punk vocals reminiscent of the Cramps on songs like “(You’re My) Rice Krispie Treat” and “Wesley Willis.” What sets this album apart is the Gretchens’ ability to write hilarious lyrics while having fun with their music. Unfortunately, some of the vocals on the album are too quiet, particularly on the tracks where lead vocalist Chacheena Gretchen sings by herself. But, overall, this album rocks as loud as you could hope for. Uncover your ears, stretch out on the beach and let the good times roll.