Through a lens, digitally

Saturate Yolo gala reception

Got an iPhone? Chances are, then, that you consider yourself something of an auteur photographer, boldly Instagramming where no fancy filter has gone before. In truth, however, it takes more than a vintage-esque tint to render an ordinary smartphone snapshot into bona fide art.

SN&R contributor Dave Webb transcends insta-digital triteness with an eye for the pretty, unique and mysterious. A new show, Saturate Yolo, highlights dozens of the Davis-based photographer's visually beguiling shots. Here, 60-plus images, all shot and edited on an iPhone, capture places and things around Yolo County.

The pictures he shoots are of the ordinary—a road sign near a field, a pretty party dress in a shop window, a battered pickup truck parked in a lot—yet Webb's eye for detail and color, paired with an ability to pinpoint a scene's most mesmerizing focal point, make for a collection of images that are both seemingly routine and surreal.

Saturate Yolo is on display at the Davis Art Center's Tsao Gallery through Saturday, February 2. A gala reception takes place on Friday, January 11, from 7 to 9 p.m. 1919 F Street in Davis,