Thoroughly Modern Millie

Rated 4.0

Thoroughly Modern Millie, the new production at Runaway Stage, has all the things that make their shows enjoyable: a pair of fantastic lead voices for Millie (Andrea St. Clair) and Jimmy (Scott Woodard), some energetic steppin’ that includes a bit of tap dancing, a live orchestra and a cute character turn by Tevye Ditter, who normally plays leading roles.

And it also has the annoying “snap,” “crackle” and “pop” from the sound system.

But ignoring the sound dysfunction is a bit easier when there’s so much action on stage, including some fun with a row of doors (here’s the rule of comedy: Slapstick rises proportionally to the number of doors visible) and a sort of typewriter ballet in the steno pool. Although some of the less-than-politically-correct stereotypes date the play, it’s all in good fun, with a true comedic ending. That is, the bad guy gets comeuppance, and the good guy gets the girl.