Lorca in a Green Dress

Rated 4.0

Lorca in a Green Dress by Nilo Cruz is Sac State’s entry into this year’s American College Theater Festival (sponsored by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts), and it’s a truly worthy entry.

A spellbinding look into the life and death of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, the play is set entirely in the “Lorca Room” in purgatory. In addition to the recently murdered poet, gunned down by fascist forces in Spain’s civil war, we see Lorca as a Woman, Lorca in Bicycle Pants, Lorca in a White Suit, the Flamenco Dancer and of course, Lorca in a Green Dress. Each represents an aspect of the poet, and all are there to help him come to terms with having “awakened from the dream of life.” The language is gripping and poetic, with the surrealist, rapturous lyricism of Lorca’s own poetry in this intense drama.