Thom Yorke

The Eraser

There’s something about the Thom Yorke-ness of Thom Yorke that’s more trying than interesting. As a non-Radiohead record, The Eraser sort of succeeds. But this album is so thoroughly Yorke-itized that it disappears up its own ass. A charming party trick, no doubt, but perhaps not so thrilling on your iPod (unless it’s iPod video). Since there’s no Jonny Greenwood, except on the title track, you’re left without (a) guitar, and (b) compelling chord changes. That means experimental keyboards up the wazoo and the ProTools equivalent of tape loops. Meh. Radiohead may be confounding at times, and 75 percent the brainchild of Yorke, but at least it’s never boring. I prayed for a Phil Selway-esque drum fill just to mix things up. Nothing. Just the ennui of thwarted expectations.