Lisa Papineau

Night Moves

The good people of iTunes saw fit to call the Postal Service remix of Feist’s “Mushaboom” one of the best songs of the first half of 2006, and they weren’t wrong. There’s something quietly pleasing about Feist’s sleepy vocals and the marriage of her loungey, acoustic neo-folk with Jimmy Tamborello’s bloops and bleeps. One finds oneself wishing somebody could make a whole record like that. Enter Lisa Papineau of Paris, with just such a record. Papineau’s smoky voice skims across the top of an electronic/organic hybrid, somewhere in the neighborhood of the Notwist and Björk. Night Moves is aptly named and doesn’t feel quite right on the stereo during daylight. Instructions: Wait for dark, pour a glass of Rustico, listen to the lazy “bad da da da da” refrain of “Saxophone Calypso” and float away.