There’s still a difference between Democrats and Republicans

It's election season. Again. Already!

I'm compelled to remind the jaded or cynical that there are in fact major differences between Republicans and Democrats. Your vote for the left matters.

Let's parachute into House of Representatives world, for instance, where this week GOPers will likely vote to give the richest Americans more money. They'll do this by eliminating the estate tax. This move is a straight-up handout to the nation's 1 percent.

It also comes on the heels of a House budget that punishes the country's poorest folk. Namely, those on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which includes food stamps.

Following Paul Ryan's playbook, the House budget basically eliminates SNAP, killing the federal program in favor of grant money for individual states. A lot of conservatives embrace this states' rights approach to solving poverty.

But let's have some real talk about the repercussions: If SNAP actually dissolved as per this GOP plan, some 12 million people would be kicked off food assistance, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Families still on food stamps would still lose about $200 a month. And fewer low-income families would be eligible for help.

To recap: Republicans like Ryan and senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are still pushing trickle-down, job-creator nonsense. They complain about government handouts but then enact subsidies for those who funded their elections. Then they gouge the poor under the guise of states' rights.

Democrats do a lot of this, too. But despite their shortcomings, Dems still stand up to these anti-poor extreme policies. And a Democrat president means fewer GOP shenanigans and a more robust safety net for the poor.

You say there's no difference between Dems and Republicans? Say again?