There are gifts

Korean dancer Sun-Ock Lee, motion in the <i>Rituel</i>.

Korean dancer Sun-Ock Lee, motion in the Rituel.

Last September’s tragedy has brought us a surplus of tiny adhesive American flags and a wary feeling when we hear jets flying too loud and low in the sky. It’s brought us a color-coded alert system and a “War on Terror” with no clear declaration or target. But spring has arrived, new life is emerging and we’re ready to search for the meaning and the gift in this experience.

Rituel II, a performance piece by UCSC professor Hi Kyung Kim, can help us. Kim has created a prayer for peace and a well-wishing for the victims of September 11 that incorporates Buddist, Christian and Shamanic music, dance, chant and prayer. Classical musicians from California join five Korean artists (including two Korean National Treasures—Buddist monk In-Muk and piri player Chan-Sup Kim) in a performance suffused with a healing synthesis of world culture. Bring the weary, achy parts of you and soak them in the music.

The piece will be performed as part of the Chamber Music Society of Sacramento’s concert before moving on to San Francisco. Showtime is Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 adults, $10 children. Music Recital Hall, Capistrano Hall, CSUS. Call 443-2908 for more information.