The Yes Men

Rated 3.0 Prankster activists impersonate and parody the World Trade Organization (WTO) at (GATT was the precursor to the WTO), and many visitors mistakenly believe the Web site to be the real thing. When occasional invitations to send WTO representatives to interviews and events in such countries as Austria, Finland and Australia reach the site, “Yes Men” Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, supported by a documentary crew, set out to shock unwitting audiences into reassessing their opinions about corporate globalization. Within months, the Yes Men are lecturing the world on slavery vs. remote labor, the auctioning of political votes, recycled hamburgers and a management leisure suit that includes a small TV screen mounted on a huge inflatable phallus. Unfortunately, these outrageous public performances are rather dryly chronicled by co-directors Chris Smith and Sarah Price (who collaborated on American Movie) and Dan Ollman.