Seed of Chucky

Rated 1.0 The murderous doll from the Child’s Play movies (voice by Brad Dourif) and his bride (Jennifer Tilly) are back, with their offspring (Billy Boyd), whose name is either Glen or Glenda—the gender is undetermined, because he/she is “not anatomically correct.” That, along with the poster slogans (“Get a load of Chucky” and “Fear the second coming”) will give you an idea of the level of humor in this sadistic horror comedy. If you’ve been a fan from the start—well, have at it. It’s more of the same, and you probably won’t be disappointed. The dolls are as clever as always, and Tilly, who also appears onscreen playing herself and bemoaning her floundering career, deserves credit for being a good sport—but she must be thinking that working with Woody Allen seems an awfully long time ago.