The Transporter Refueled

Rated 2.0

Superdriver Frank Martin (Ed Skrein, taking over for the wisely absent Jason Statham) accepts a job from a mysterious woman (Loan Chabanol) who along with several friends (Gabriella Wright, Tatiana Pajkovic, Wenxia Yu) is running a revenge game on an old enemy of Frank's, a Russian sex trafficker (Radivoje Bukvic); Frank's father (Ray Stevenson) is kidnapped—twice!—and menaced in the bargain. Director Camille Delamarre and writers Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and Luc Besson try to reboot the franchise—hence “Refueled”—but the movie is running on empty, with the same sort of insane plot and laughably unbelievable stunts that made the first three movies hardly worth the trouble to begin with. Despite his sexy stubble and whispery growl, Skrein is no Jason Statham—and really, how hard can that be? J.L.