The Switch

Rated 3.0

A neurotic schlub (Jason Bateman) drunkenly empties the sperm-donor jar for his female best friend (Jennifer Aniston) and surreptitiously replaces it with his own. He has no memory of it, but seven years later, as he bonds with the single mom’s son (Thomas Robinson), his memory of that fateful night starts coming back to him. If you can get past the nutty contrivance of Allan Loeb’s script (from a story by Jeffrey Eugenides), and overlook the fact that young Robinson is a bit annoying (not his fault; the character is yet another preternaturally precocious Hollywood moppet), the movie has its charms, mostly thanks to the star chemistry of Aniston and Bateman. Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis supply comic support as their respective best friends. Directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck keep things moving.