The sophisticate’s slushee

White Linen Slush, Ten Ten Room

Illustration by Kyle Shine

Duck inside the new Ten Ten Room from frenetic 10th Street, and you’ll find a slice of calm and old-school decadence. The shotgun bar has leather booths, chandeliers and a smoking-room vibe. Happy hour lasts till 7 p.m., and it gets you a $6 daily cocktail or $1 off other drinks, including the White Linen Slush (normally $10). It’s classy with the floral flavors of Bulldog gin and elderflower liqueur and refreshing with hints of cucumber and lemon. But this cocktail doesn’t take itself too seriously: What slushee could? Forget that it’s cold outside and slurp on an ICEE worthy of a gentlewoman.1010 10th Street,