The Score

Rated 2.0 Two heavy hitters of Method acting, former Don Corleones Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, team with Edward Norton in a thin, bland crime caper. Montreal jazz club owner and burglar Nick Wells (De Niro) breaks a golden rule by attempting a huge heist in his own backyard (the high-security Montreal Customs House) with the new loose cannon on the block (Norton). It’s a familiar last-robbery-for-the-road story with shop-worn twists and only mild suspense. De Niro doesn’t embarrass himself, Brando gives a somewhat creepy reading as underworld middle man, Norton bounces in and out of his disguise as a mentally challenged janitor with ease and Angela Bassett is merely window dressing as Wells’ designated girlfriend. Directed by Frank Oz (What About Bob?, The Muppets Take Manhattan).