The river

SN&R’s guide to the American River

Map by Mark Stivers

Sacramento may not have white sandy beaches and saltwater breezes, but we have something all those other seaside cities don’t have—the American River. Sure, people can run along beaches on the coast, but only the American River has the 32-mile Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail (not to mention countless divergent trails) for walkers, runners, bicyclists and horseback riders. Athletic types can work out all the way from downtown Sacramento to Folsom—if they’re that ambitious—and then take a dip in the cool river water. The American River has many hidden gems to distract us during the sizzling summer months: endless spots to watch wildlife, enjoy a summer picnic, soak up some vitamin D and float along the mellow rapids. Plus, where else can you get that distinct river smell? Yep, only in the River City. Soak it up!

Fun along the river: Favorite spots of SN&R staffers

1: Delta King.
1000 Front Street in Old Sacramento.

2: Get an ice cream in Old Sacramento, stroll to the harbor and watch the boats go by.

3: Swing high into the freezing river water.

4: 28th and B Skate Park: Great place to watch Fourth of July fireworks.
28th and B streets, after the railroad tracks.

5: Picnic stop with view of Paradise Beach.

6: Need golf balls? Start your search here.

7: Derek “The Former Intern” Nielsen’s cliff- jumping spot.

8: Start your river float here (take all the way to Watt Avenue).
Sunrise Boulevard.

9: Fair Oaks Bluffs, a.k.a. Red Ridge: A great peak above the trail to watch the sunrise.

10: Sacramento State Aquatic Center: Learn to kayak or canoe, and go on a sunset paddle.
1901 Hazel Avenue.

11: California State Fair, July 14-August 1.
Cal Expo, 1600 Exposition Boulevard.

12: California Brewers Festival, Saturday, September 11.
Discovery Park, Garden Highway.

13: Glen Hall Park.
5415 Sandburg Drive.

14: Nimbus Fish Hatcheries.
2001 Nimbus Road in Gold River.

River recreation spots

A: Miller Park.
2790 Marina View Drive.

B: Discovery Park.
Garden Highway.

C: Paradise Beach.
Carlson and Sandburg drives.

D: Campus Commons Golf Course.
2 Cadillac Drive.

E: William B. Pond Recreation Area.
5700 Arden Way.

F: Lower Sunrise Recreation Area.
Sunrise Boulevard.

G: Ancil Hoffman Park.
Tarshes Drive in Carmichael.

H: Sacramento Bar.
Across from the Lower Sunrise Recreation Area.

I: Sailor Bar.
Illinois Avenue.

J: Negro Bar.
Off Folsom-Auburn Road, just south of Greenback Lane.