Summer Guide 2010

Festivals galore, riverside getaways and secret Sacramento spots add to the most sizzling summer yet

Illustration by Rob Zammarchi

Sacramento summers are notoriously hot. As temperatures rocket into the 100s, we can feel our skin cook under the Central Valley sun and grow accustomed to flicking sweat off our brows. Honestly though, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When the temperatures soar and the sidewalks start to sear, Sacramentans hear the call for relaxing floats down the American River, cold drinks under shaded patios, hiking adventures away from the city and hot summer romances. Somewhere in the seemingly unbearable Sacramento heat, we discover endless diversions from everyday life, unforgettable memories and love.

Yet everyone needs a little help launching a summer of sizzling fun. So SN&R’s Summer Guide 2010 offers some tempting options: sunset paddles on Lake Natoma, farmers’ market beauty tips, the River Cats baseball schedule, must-read books, adventurous day trips and awesome places for summer hanky-panky.

SN&R writers also dig deep into their memories to reveal unforgettable summer love—and hookup—experiences. Jackson Griffith learns how to reclaim those favorite couple eateries once the couple is no more. Kel Munger falls in love on a first date that includes piles of books, pie and lots of air conditioning. Rachel Leibrock contemplates love and break-ups while traveling cross-country. A pimply faced, teenage Josh Fernandez spends more than $1,000 and an entire summer trying to clear up his acne so he can get laid. And Jenn Kistler discovers how to turn down the blazing summer temperature and turn up the romantic heat.

In these pages, you’ll also find an exclusive SN&R American River map with a key to some of our favorite spots for floating, cliff jumping and relaxing, as well as awesome summer treats to cool you down, fairs and festivals, and a preview of the city’s lively theater season. Some summer options are off the beaten path, some are popular Sacramento staples, but they all will add to the most sizzling summer yet. Happy summer!

2010 Summer Guide staff
Editor: Jenn Kistler
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Illustrations: Rob Zammarchi
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Writers: Kimberly Brown, Ted Cox, Alia Cruz, Josh Fernandez, Jackson Griffith, Lovelle Harris, Jenn Kistler, Rachel Leibrock, Nick Miller, Kel Munger, Stephanie Rodriguez, Shoka, Mark Stivers, Melinda Welsh
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