The Returnables

The Returnables live in a world where the psychedelic ’60s and hip-hop never happened. In fact, many of the songs on their second release, Unrequited Hits, would have been hits in 1965 and 1979. Their snappy, sloppy sing-along rock songs about girls were meant to be released as 45 singles with color sleeves scattered on the bedroom floors of teenage girls. Possibly the most handsome band in America, this four-piece is every inch an American band; everyone in the group writes songs and sings lead. Songs like “Monica,” “Girl From Eau Claire,” “Tomoko” and “Julie, Did I?” make you want play them over and over again while you harmonize along with the choruses. The Returnables bridge the gap between the Hollies (before they moved to the U.S.) and the Buzzcocks and pick up where the Undertones left off. That’s a pretty good place to start when it comes to rock ’n’ roll. A landmark disc in any era.