Get ready for sweet, sweet pop. The theme from Ricky Schroeder’s Silver Spoons comes to mind at times. But cop a few lyrics, such as the humorous kiss-off “Dot-Coms and Hollywood Freaks,” about a romantic interest leaving for the glamorous life, or the similarly themed, but more scathing (and quite sublime) “So Far Gone,” and you’ll recognize a classic spoon-full-of-sugar dichotomy at work. Different oppositions drive the problematic “Radio Pop Hit Song #1,” where singer Adam Donald waxes semi-cynical about writing songs for certain groups of people, including a chart-topper for pop fans. A chorus of “It can’t sound to (sic) right / Because I wouldn’t sleep at night” qualifies the urge, but the musical accompaniment could pass for pop kings U2. Intentional? Back to Honeyspot’s merits: “Power in Silence” is beautiful and enigmatic, while “Bury Me” approaches Britpop heaven.