The Pot Issue

Some may wonder why devote an entire issue to pot, why pull resources from our weekly exposure of Sacramento’s baddies, and why run an entire issue now on a played-out topic that peaked with platform shoes and fros on white guys? Fair enough. Let’s answer each: We are devoting an entire issue to pot because everyone on staff is stoned … immaculate. As today’s News, Opinion, Feature Stories, Scene&Heard and other sections reveal, the local baddies when it comes to cannabis are the feds, the schools, the governor, bad musicians and you—yes, you!—the voters who overwhelmingly passed our medical-marijuana law but have not demanded teeth be put into it. This issue did not die out when we tossed that old straw cowboy hat with the feathered roach clip attached to the band—it’s still around big time, thus The Pot Issue.