The Perfect Score

Rated 3.0

Six high-school students join forces to steal the answers to the SAT, each for his or her own reasons. The script by Mark Schwahn, Marc Hyman and Jon Zack is chock-full of callow teeny-bopper deep-think about how unfair the SAT is, but it’s more interesting for the different ways the students justify their foray into high-tech burglary and for the way they pull off the heist. It’s even more interesting for its cast: Chris Evans as an aspiring architect, NBA star Darius Miles as a levelheaded jock, Erika Christensen as the school genius who’s lousy at taking tests, Leonardo Nam as a slacker clown, and the ubiquitous Scarlett Johansson as a girl whose daddy runs the testing service. Brian Robbins directs with polish, deftly glossing over the fact that the ending is a bit of an anticlimax. J.L.