The Oh in Ohio

Rated 3.0

A Cleveland advertising executive (Parker Posey) has never had an orgasm, despite 10 years of marriage and 1,842 rounds of sex with her increasingly demoralized and humiliated husband (Paul Rudd). Director Billy Kent and writer Adam Wierzbianski’s film (story by Kent, Wierzbianski and Sarah Bird) has a not-quite-finished feel to it, but it’s quite enjoyable—loose-limbed without being disjointed, leisurely without being sluggish, and saucy without being vulgar. Plus, there are no villains; everyone is sympathetic and appealing. The always-welcome Posey is in wonderful form; one scene where she reaches the Big O with a hidden vibrator during a business meeting is simply hilarious. As a swimming-pool tycoon, Danny DeVito is genuinely charming, and Liza Minnelli does a nifty cameo as a “masturbation guru.”