Rated 1.0

A high-school screw-up creates a fake university Web site so his parents will think he got into a good college—but his bogus institution unexpectedly attracts losers and dimwits from miles around. Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and Mark Perez’s screenplay is outlandish and defiantly lousy but clever in its way: By pretending to celebrate slackers and goof-offs, it blithely excuses its own lousiness—it’s beneath contempt and therefore beyond criticism. The idea was obviously to create an Animal House for a new generation, but the script has none of the raunchy cleverness of that 1978 comedy, and the cast is a pale shadow—no John Belushis, Tim Mathesons, Tom Hulces or Peter Riegerts here. Actor Steve Pink tries his hand at directing and should not quit his day job.