The Minders

Golden Street

Many people who have only seen the Minders live think they’re merely OK; just three ordinary folks playing guitar, bass and drums, belting out simple three-chord pop songs, with very little stage presence to speak of. But anyone who’s heard the band’s previous two releases—Cul de Sacs and Deadends and Hooray for Tuesday—know that it is capable of recording spirited, full, fun and catchy music that sticks with you. It’s kinda Kinks-style fun, with jangly guitars and harmonies. And while Golden Street has more of the same, it does stretch a little toward psychedelia and experimentation, which strays from the Minders’ strongest suit. Fortunately, there are still a few of those straightforward, go-for-broke pop songs that you find yourself singing for days after hearing only once. This record may not hold up as well as its predecessors, but still it’s the Minders—and, thus, worth checking out.