Le Tigre

From the Desk of … Mr. Lady

Le Tigre, the current project of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, makes primitive electronica-punk à la Cibo Matto or Pizzicato Five. Whereas the first, self-titled album incorporated a lot of late-era Bikini Kill-style rock-song structure, this new EP has more of a kid-alone-in-bedroom-with-keyboards-and-sampler feel. The political relentlessness that Hanna is famous for is here, though it’s sometimes (unintentionally?) funny, as in the chorus of the first song, “Get Off the Internet!” screamed with earnest fervor. But at least one song here elevates a feminist political statement into art. Track three, “Yr Critique,” begins with what sounds like a male talk-show host asking what problems confront women nowadays. What follows is over a minute of sampled women and girls stuttering, interspersed with the chorus “Third wave girl.” Now, if only they hadn’t reprinted a Cathy comic strip on the disc’s face.