The Best of


Somehow I’d avoided Blur until now, despite many passionate recommendations from rabid fans. So when the band released its inevitable best-of album, it was time to listen; Blur could no longer be ignored. I wish I’d listened earlier. Blur represents British pop music at its finest—you can hear traces of the Kinks and the Who through David Bowie and the Clash to the Buzzcocks and the Smiths. The history of Britpop has never seemed as logical and fluid as it does in its influence over this amazing foursome, yet what Blur has done with those influences is completely unique and original. From the clever character sketch “Park Life” to the danceable “Girls and Boys” to the spacey “She’s So High,” the band demonstrates both versatility and virtuosity. The package also includes a live, 10-song bonus disc, which makes it a worthwhile purchase—even if you already own Blur’s catalog. Colour me rabid now.