The Medallion

Rated 1.0 A Hong Kong police inspector (Jackie Chan) is killed in the line of duty and then comes back to life with super powers as a result of … er, something about a medallion and a little Buddhist boy. The plot of Chan’s latest action comedy is incomprehensible, and it seems patched together from odds and ends; scenes of Chan and his fellow actors speaking English alternate with other scenes in which the English is badly dubbed over Mandarin-speaking moving lips, just like in Chan’s old movies. Chan’s usual panache is present, especially in a scene in which he chases a henchman of arch villain Snakehead (Julian Sands) through the streets of Dublin. But otherwise, director Gordon Chan makes quite a hash of things. Others taking the ride are Lee Evans as a bungling cop, Claire Forlani as a competent one, and John Rhys-Davies as their boss.