Marci X

Rated 1.0 A Jewish princess (Lisa Kudrow) tries to save the financial empire of her ailing father (played by Richard Benjamin, who also directed)—especially from the backlash against one of his record labels and its controversial star rapper (Damon Wayans). Kudrow and Wayans share a fleeting rapport during one brief scene (when he bails her out of jail on a charge of disturbing the peace), but it doesn’t last, and it doesn’t overcome the snide, unpleasant contrivances of Paul Rudnick’s script. Rudnick throws a wide satirical net, but his targets are so easy and politically correct that the effect is of bullying smugness rather than biting wit, and there’s a tawdry, self-congratulatory air about the film that leaves a bad taste. Benjamin doesn’t find a consistent style, and the pacing is jerky and uncouth.