The Man Who Cried

Rated 3.0 A refugee Jewish waif (Christina Ricci) is first adopted by an English couple, then later caught in Paris when the Nazis march in. Writer/director Sally Potter’s quirky, individual talent is always interesting, even when she’s not firing on all cylinders; here, she seems to fumble for a grip on the story. On the surface it’s something of an epic, yet the dominant motif is Ricci staring blankly (or with mild concern) at whatever is happening in front of her. Potter limits Ricci to reaction shots and monosyllables, giving all the best lines and moments to Cate Blanchett as an expatriate Russian who takes Ricci under her wing. John Turturro as a Fascist opera star and Johnny Depp as a brooding gypsy horseman round out the central characters in Potter’s deliberate, slightly ponderous film.