The Legend of Hercules

Rated 1.0

With its choppy action scenes, indistinct locations, blurry visual effects, and jittery narrative, not to mention a multi-national cast failing to sync up their “movie Roman” accents, The Legend of Hercules has all the telltale signs of international co-production schlock. It feels less like a major motion picture than a tax break committed to film. The Legend of Hercules was directed by long-time hack Renny Harlin, but it's insipid and unmemorable enough to make his earlier mediocrities like Cliffhanger and The Long Kiss Goodnight seem like chestnuts from a bygone golden age. Hercules is played by Kellan Lutz (best known for his superfluous role in the Twilight series), and it's apparent from the first scenes of him grinning, cliff diving, and wrestling a CGI lion that we're firmly rooted in Hercules in New York territory, only without the saving grace of camp.