The Killers

Hot Fuss

Point of origin shouldn’t be an issue. That is, unless you’re a Las Vegas-based band called the Killers. Led by vocalist and keyboardist Brandon Flowers, this quartet already has drawn comparisons to bands as far-reaching as Boy-era U2, Duran Duran, Interpol and Stellastarr. Fortunately, the songs found within the Killers’ debut album are as good as the NME magazine hype. From the infectious “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” to the overly repetitive yet catchy chorus of “Somebody Told Me,” one can sense the urgency of a new band that has yet to unleash its full bag of tricks. Guitarist Dave Keuning knows how to play for the song and cautiously weaves a spell of reverb-laden soundscapes among the backdrop of an able rhythm section: drummer Ronnie Vannucci and bassist Mark Stoermer. Well done.