The Haints

Hurt & Alone

The Haints may be a side project for Kepi of the Groovie Ghoulies and may feature his Ghoulie bandmates Roach and Scampi, but don’t make the assumption that this is the poppy punk the Ghoulies are known for. Instead, this is rootsy, singer-songwriter music, but it’s every bit as good in its way as the Ghoulies are in theirs. The Ghoulies are joined in this band by guitarist Cory Vick and dark lord about town David Houston. Everyone’s skills combine to concoct music that’s folky yet poppy, with a feeling of old-time rock ’n’ roll and even a smidge of old-school country. It’s good listening, and what really makes it so are Kepi’s vocals. They make you smile, and you’re sure to be captivated. Check this one out and catch them live at one of their all-too-infrequent shows.