The Fog

Rated 1.0

A lousy remake of a not-so-good John Carpenter film. Leper ghosts return to the home of their demise to throw knives and whatnot at people in retribution for the victims’ ancestors’ sins. Maggie Grace looks good on screen, but her acting leaves much to be desired (she seems constantly on the verge of laughter). Tom Welling (Smallville) is a dullard in the leading-man role, which requires him to look perplexed while driving his truck all over town. Sure, the fog looks better than it did in the original movie, but the ghosts are a letdown. Selma Blair replaces Adrienne Barbeau as the lighthouse radio DJ and is perhaps the worst DJ in cinematic history. Not a single scare, and this is yet another in a long line of neutered PG-13 horror films that should’ve shot for an R.