Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

Rated 2.0

Three generations of Kentucky horse-trainers (grandpa Kris Kristofferson, dad Kurt Russell and granddaughter Dakota Fanning) take on a broken-legged filly whose owner (David Morse) has given her up for dead. As a general rule, the prominence of that dubious “based on a true story” line is directly proportional to the number of stale clichés in the script. Here, writer-director John Gatins actually incorporates the line into the title; draw your own conclusions. Russell and Kristofferson make such a perfect father-son match that it’s surprising someone hasn’t paired them up before, and they’re the best reasons to see the movie. Otherwise, it’s strictly for undemanding horse-lovers and anyone who still hasn’t had enough of Dakota Fanning. The climactic race, a foregone conclusion, is poorly handled.