The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Rated 1.0

A 17-year-old hot-rodder (played by Lucas Black, who hasn’t been 17 since Bill Clinton’s second term) gets in trouble with the law in Phoenix and, to avoid jail, goes to live with his estranged father in Japan—where he gets involved in the Tokyo street-racing underworld we’ve all heard so much about. Don’t give Chris Morgan, Alfredo Botello, and Kario Salem’s script too much thought, because they sure didn’t; it’s just an excuse for director Justin Lin and his stunt drivers to get from one race to the next, with computer-generated effects to achieve what they can’t (though the computer programmers don’t bother to erase the skid marks from previous takes). The result: worthless idiot-bait for those in the “No Fear” T-shirt crowd who can’t handle the mental challenge of playing Grand Theft Auto.