An Inconvenient Truth

Rated 4.0

Davis Guggenheim’s documentary of Al Gore’s global-warming warning call is informative and easy to watch, but it’s basically a concert film of Gore giving a PowerPoint presentation, mixed with cartoons and striking nature footage. If this film succeeds, I imagine we’ll see a sequel about reducing the deficit with an hour of hot spreadsheet action. Gore’s evidence of melting glaciers and rapid species extinction paints a pretty clear picture that we’re screwed if we don’t change the way we live. If the former next president’s forecasted scenarios of perilously rising sea levels are to be believed, real-estate speculators might want to start buying future oceanfront property in Fresno just in case. Ultimately, An Inconvenient Truth will be a great teaching aid and accordingly will have a shelf life long after the Hollywood hype has faded. Meanwhile, if you have friends who think global warming is a hoax, this film will likely change their minds.