The Closet

Rated 4.0 Director Francis Veber squeezes huge laughs from a comedy about personal biases, changing social mores, sexual politics and latent revenge. Daniel Auteuil (The Widow of St. Pierre, Girl on the Bridge) stars as Francois Pignon, a boorish accountant who has been abandoned by his wife and teen son. After overhearing that he is to be fired from his job at a condom factory, he embraces an outrageous scheme by his new neighbor to save his job: they send fake pictures of Francois having his bare buttocks fondled at a gay club. Rumors of Francois’ fake, titillating lifestyle spread rapidly, and the reactions from his co-workers (including Gerard Depardieu as a macho homophobic) and estranged family produce several surprises as the masquerade rejuvenates Francois’ life.