Rolling Stones at the MAX

Rated 5.0 This exhilarating armchair concert provides an instant transfusion for Stones enthusiasts still bleeding from recent financial analyst reports that the “world’s greatest rock and roll band” can no longer support a major world tour due to a dwindling fan base. Jagger and company surge through a 90-minute, 15-song set gleaned from three locales (Turin, Berlin, London) during the group’s 1989-1990 European Steel Wheels tour. The IMAX experience blows up Mick’s lips to the size of canoes, turns guitarist Keith Richards’ weathered mug into a National Geological Survey relief map, and sweeps us deep into the massive heart of live stadium rock. The playlist begins with “Start Me Up” and concludes with an uptempo “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Like the musicians themselves, the tunes are not wrinkle-free, but generate extraordinary waves of excitement.