The Bread, My Sweet

Rated 3.0 A full-time corporate lawyer and part-time biscotti baker (Scott Baio) offers to marry his landlady’s footloose daughter (Kristin Minter) so that the terminally ill old woman (Rosemary Prinz) can die happy. Director Melissa Martin’s script falters occasionally—some characters (like the heroine’s crusty father and the hero’s retarded brother) are less convincing than others, and there are brief patches of awkward, self-conscious dialogue. But the film’s virtues outweigh its minor flaws. Martin has a good eye for atmosphere (the film was shot in the Italian-American working-class section of Pittsburgh) and a sure and subtle touch with actors. Baio still looks younger than his 42 years, but he’s outgrown Chachi and has a warm and mature screen presence. Minter and (especially) Prinz also shine.