Casa de los Babys

Rated 3.0 Six Western women with vastly different backgrounds and personalities share the same dream: Each wants to adopt a baby. They all stay in the same hotel in an unnamed Latin American country while awaiting the completion of their paper work and arrival of their infants. They talk to and about each other in various groupings during meals, beach excursions and shopping trips as their instant motherhood slips from days into weeks and even months. Filmmaker John Sayles’ tender, moderately satisfying socio-political melodrama reflects on fate, parental responsibility, opportunism, the Catch-22 that shadows world illiteracy and poverty, issues of religion, and modern family dismemberment and values. The strong cast includes Lili Taylor, Daryl Hannah, Susan Lynch, Marcia Gay Harden, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Mary Steenburgen.