The Bomb hates hip-hop?

In February, his show The Leak was canceled. Now Sacramento’s own DJ Supe has been fired for good from KBMB, 103.5’s the Bomb.

Supe, who had been with the station for almost 10 years, was known for giving air-time to—and mentoring—local hip-hop artists, and teaching them the ins and outs of the notoriously moody radio biz.

In an open letter posted on, Supe said the station’s management “was by no stretch of the imagination forthcoming” in the days leading up to his termination, and he wasn’t surprised when he was finally let go. “It didn’t feel right,” he said of his final days as a radio deejay.

Communication between management and on-air personality was bad enough that he was kept out of the loop; Supe has no clue why he was fired. One theory suggests he was axed because of his quotes in “Haiter baiters” (SN&R Arts&Culture, June 28).

“Word around the campfire is that may have been a contributing factor, but I don’t know for sure,” he told SN&R.

We called 103.5’s General Manager Larry Lemanski to ask him if Sac really does hate hip-hop, but he didn’t return the call.