The best little whorehouse in Vegas

Ladies! Need one more reason to make a trek out to that crazed, oxymoronic desert playground we call Las Vegas? Well, Elle magazine reports that Heidi Fleiss, former Hollywood madam, announced plans to open an eco-brothel called the Stud Farm on 60 acres in nearby Crystal, Nev. Offering manicures, pedicures and full-body massage—that’s right, happy ending included—the wind-powered day spa/bordello will feature everything a green girl needs to tickle her fancy. In the meantime, you can drop by her newly opened laundromat, Dirty Laundry, in the town of Pahrump or request a tour of the small house she shares with 24 pet parrots. While it is unclear whether Ms. Fleiss is certifiably insane, she does at least seem committed to environment and gender equality.