The beer pairing frontier

Where we’re going, we don’t need coasters

Welcome to the future. It’s 2059, and there are no bad ideas. Or bad beer pairings. There’s still Beer & Ballet, but there’s also Beer Yoga on the Moon Base every Friday. Ale tasting at the floating laundromat on Sundays.

The formula is timeless—pick a food, activity or vehicle. Then add beer.

Even in 2019, Sacramento has increased inventive pairings, such as Beer Week’s Sac Mac + Brew, which combines cheesy pasta with ale. Some innovators are making a mark—New Glory’s partnering of beer and doughnuts is classic, and Jackrabbit Brewing Company is pushing boundaries with beermosas.

And the Sac Brew Boat is on its way, from the makers of Brew Bike. The next obvious step: a pedal-powered Sacramento Sudmarine.

Once self-driving cars hit the market, every ride could potentially become a beer ride. Look forward to it, but in the meantime, I predict beer jet skis, ale-pine snowshoeing and hoppy unicycling.

To move forward, we must also look back. Give us an event that pairs medieval ale with medieval delicacies: pigeon pie and blood pudding, root vegetables and sour beers, racoon-infused lagers served by actual, trained racoons. The technology is almost there.

Organizers can use the power of beer for society’s good. If beer can sell ballet, it can do so much more.

Imagine cracking open a cold one with your orthopedic surgeon, or enjoying a pint at the DMV. Never has jury duty been so fulfilling. The program “Free Beer with Ballot” will shoot the country’s voter turnout sky high. Personal wellness and energy efficiency is increasingly important, so why not power the city through beer and spin class?

Pilsners and Peace Talks will bring world harmony—and what housing crisis can't be solved by cracking open a couple of cold brewskis?

There’s no limit to what beer can do—only the ones imposed by our sober minds.