The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: The Complete Series

Warner Home Video

Back in the early ’90s, B-movie man Bruce Campbell took his smarminess to a whole new platform (TV) for an hour-long comedy Western from the late CSUS-educated writer of The Lost Boys and one of the men behind Lost. In truth, there are some quirks here that even the most ardent Campbell enthusiast (me) will find hard to look past—time travel and glowing orbs chief among them. But there’s also a quality sense of humor and fun in the titular, oddly named bounty hunter’s shenanigans as he traverses the Old West hunting down the gang responsible for knocking off his pappy, the original Brisco County. Seeing as how he contributes commentaries, liner notes and more to this eight-disc set, it would appear that Campbell isn’t ashamed of his failed television antics; perhaps we shouldn’t be either.