The 4/20 issue

Welcome to SN&R’s guide to marijuana and Sacramento’s medical-cannabis community

Let’s rewind some 4,000 years. Why? Because there’s a history lesson to share. For instance, did you know that artifacts from back then prove that Egyptians used marijuana for medicinal purposes? Hell yes! Even Wikipedia says there is evidence that they put hemp suppositories up their butts to cure hemorrhoids. Seriously.

That’s rad. But this not why there is a hieroglyphics theme to this year’s SN&R 4/20 Issue, a guide to all things medical-pot in Sacramento. Our designers just though it looked cool. And we’re running with it.

Other coolness in this week’s issue:

Want to get up to speed with the smoke storm of marijuana laws in the mix at the state Capitol? Turn to page 57.

Interested in learning how to properly cook with cannabutter? Page 54.

Not sure what medical pot is right for you? Page 51.

Begging to watch a stoner movie that’s not This is the End? Page 61.

April 20 is a celebration of cannabis culture and a day to recognize those in the cannabis community who fight every day for patients’ rights. Thanks, and Happy 4/20!