Can you be denied an organ donor for smoking marijuana?

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Can I really be denied an organ transplant because I use medical marijuana?

—Charles Drew

Yes, you can.

Marijuana is a Schedule I narcotic, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, so anyone with marijuana in their system can be denied.

However, the good folks at Americans for Safe Access are supporting Assembly Bill 258, which would allow medical-cannabis users in California to receive new organs. The good news is that the bill has just made it through committee and is moving to a floor vote.

Please call write and email your representatives and tell them to support it. No one should be denied a chance at a better life because they use cannabis.

I’m sort of new to this 4/20 holiday. Anything good going on that I should check out, or is it I just a thing?

—Reverend Green

Hey, man, it’s all good on 4/20!

The clubs have specials (and lines out the door, so plan ahead) and there are some hella cool events, such as the Fyah on the Water Music Fest. This one is in North Sac, and it will be awesome. Zuhg will be there. So will the Kottonmouth Kings, Tribal Seeds, RBL Posse and more! Get your tickets at

In The Bay Area, The Hempcon will be blazing up the day and lighting up the night with shows from Baby Bash, Paul Wall and Too $hort. Check out

I will be at the High Times Cup in Denver. I will give a full report when I get back. Happy 4/20!

Is dispensary weed too expensive?

—Penny Pincher

I used to think the prices at dispensaries were way too high, but I have changed my stance. Many clubs have very, very good prices these days.

When you think about it, the price of quality cannabis has remained fairly stable over the past 20 years. Fifty dollars for an eighth of an ounce has been the average rate for a while, and now many clubs are taking advantage of the great sun-grown (outdoor weed, if you aren’t a fancy pants) cannabis in California and offering great deals. Remember: A higher price doesn’t always mean better marijuana. Don’t be afraid to sniff around until you find something you like. I have found many great strains in the $35-$40 per eighth section.