THE 2018 SAMMIES Hall of Fame

Another year, another set of Sacramento musicians are getting inducted. The rules for qualifying have changed over time. In 2018, artists were chosen if they won a SAMMIE, in any category, in three different years past. Inductees were previously barred from being nominated in future SAMMIES, but last year, in celebration of the award show’s 25th anniversary, that restriction was lifted. Some of these Hall-of-Famers should have been inducted long ago, like Way Out West. One artist is being inducted posthumously: Bassist Erik Kleven passed away in 2006.

Last week’s 2018 SAMMIES award winners mean that new artists will join the Hall of Fame next year. For now, look up these artists and enjoy some of Sacramento’s music history:

Agent Ribbons

2007: Critics’ Choice: Artist of the Year

2008: Readers’ Choice: Pop

2009: Readers’ Choice: Pop

A Lot Like Birds

2010: Readers’ Choice: Release of the Year

2010: Readers’ Choice: Screamo/Post-Hardcore

2011: Readers’ Choice: Melodic-Hardcore

2012: Readers’ Choice: Release of the Year

Chrome Addicts

1996: Readers’ Choice: Blues

1998: Readers’ Choice: Blues

1999: Readers’ Choice: Blues

Damon Wyckoff

2001: Critics’ Choice: Male Vocalist

2002: Critics’ Choice: Songwriter

2003: Critics’ Choice: Male Vocalist


2012: Readers’ Choice: Latin

2016: Readers’ Choice: World

2017: Readers’ Choice: World

Erik Kleven

1996: Readers’ Choice: Bassist

2004: Critics’ Choice: Bassist

2006: Critics’ Choice: Bassist

Forever Goldrush

1999: Readers’ Choice: New Artist

2000: Critics’ Choice: Release of the Year

2001: Readers’ Choice: Country/Americana/Alt-Country

2002: Readers’ Choice: Country/Americana/Alt-Country

Humble Wolf

2015: Readers’ Choice: Pop-Rock

2016: Readers’ Choice: Pop-Rock

2017: Readers’ Choice: Pop

Jeannette Faith

2001: Critics’ Choice: Keyboards/Synthesizer Player

2002: Critics’ Choice: Female Vocalist

2005: Critics’ Choice: Female Vocalist

Kill the Precedent

2010: Readers’ Choice: Industrial Rock

2011: Readers’ Choice: Industrial/Progressive

2013: Readers’ Choice: Live Performance

2017: Readers’ Choice: Hardcore/Industrial/Post-Hardcore

The New Humans

2008: Readers’ Choice: Indie

2009: Readers’ Choice: Indie

2010: Readers’ Choice: Indie/Electro/Progressive

Some Fear None

2015: Readers’ Choice: Hard Rock

2016: Readers’ Choice: Artist of the Year

2016:  Readers’ Choice: Hard Rock

2017:  Readers’ Choice: Hard Rock

Steelin’ Dan

2015: Readers’ Choice: Tribute Band

2011: Readers’ Choice: Cover

2016: Readers’ Choice: Tribute Band

2017: Readers’ Choice: Tribute Band

Way Out West

1992: Readers’ Choice: Folk

1993: Readers’ Choice: Folk

1994: Readers’ Choice: Folk